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Rebrand your business with a beautiful website

Web design and development is a true passion for us at Auctus. Our goal with you, is to provide you a beautiful website that you are truly proud of. Your website is your businesses "virtual real estate" and when built effectively, can become a lead generating machine.

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inside our web design process

We have extensive experience in Web Design and Development

Our web design and development team has a systemized approach that has ensures client success. Take a look at our six (6) core processes below.

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Google Traffic Analytics

We will get your business set up on Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA). These metrics are critical to track to assist in a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

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Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great way to obtain search traffic to your website instantaneously. After your website is completed, we can sit down and develop a strong strategy for your company and achieve solid return on investment (ROI)!

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Content Copywriting

Content copywriting is critical to having an effective website. Making sure that your content is not only optimized, but properly formatted and having a good sales flow can be the deciding factor in closing a lead.

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Sales Funnel Optimization

Sales funnels are another very important aspect for your website. Making sure that you have an aesthetic, well-built funnel is important for increasing your conversion rate. Conversion rates should be audited on a monthly basis and improvements should be tested to ensure maximum growth.

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Web Security

We take cybersecurity and your websites health very seriously here at Auctus. Making sure that your website has proper SSL Encryption and is continuously tested for bugs is paramount for any organization. When you work with us, we conduct tests on a monthly basis for your website to ensure that you and your companies visitors are protected.

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Social Media Integration

We will link your social media profiles into your website. This will allow visitors to view your socials and also follow them easily. We can also integrate your social media posts into the website, which can give it a consistent feed of new content. If you are interested in learning more about how we can manage your social media as well, please click here or contact us!

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We will build your website for mobile

Building your website for mobile visitors is a very important feature to have in the modern era. We are seeing more web traffic converting from traditional desktop, to mobile devices. We use responsive web design to keep your website look original on both desktop and mobile. Having a responsive website will also rank you higher on Google, because it favors websites with this type of design.

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Step 1

Web Design and Development Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation lasts approximately one (1) hour. In step one of our process, we strive to learn about you, your business, and your goals. We believe this is important to understand, because we will design and develop your website to meet this criteria.

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Step 2

Designing Your Website and Initial Launch

Immediately after our meeting, our team begins working on building the website of your dreams. Again, we keep your businesses goals at the forefront of our development. Once the website is halfway done, we schedule a meeting to review it, and make changes you deem necessary. Once complete we have a final review, make necessary changes, and then launch!

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Step 3

Web Maintenance, Security, and Reporting

We have monthly subscriptions that will allow us to continuously maintain your website, patching critical bugs and vulnerabilities. We also do regular audits of your website to make sure that it is secure, and that you and your visitors are safe. Lastly we report monthly analytics for search traffic and find areas that we can improve your website to help increase conversions and gain more leads.

Our web design and development process

Our bulletproof process to building your new lead generating machine

We have a well-built, systemized process for designing, developing, securing, and growing your websites search traffic. Simply request a quote below and learn how you can build your new lead generating machine.

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