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Take your social media strategy to the next level

We help you develop a strong social media marketing strategy. Did you know that Hubspot reports that most marketers post content on their social media platforms between 4-6 times per week? With this hyper competitive landscape, have comfort knowing that we can provide you with a cost effective solution to beat your competitors.

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We have extensive experience in Social Media Management

Running multiple social media accounts can be tiring. We have developed a cost effective solution to help take the stress out of your companies digital marketing efforts, which lets you focus on your business. Here are the tasks that we do for you on a weekly and monthly basis!

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Monthly Reporting

We sit down with you every single month, and go over your social media analytics. This is important to do allowing us to make sure that your strategy is working. If there are things to be changed, we go over these changes with you to have you approve of them.

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Brand Awareness

Having a well-built social media account is incredibly important in this age. Having this social presence will allow you to spread your businesses brand awareness. This awareness will then develop you a following, and in turn paying customers.

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Content Creation

Creating content can be a pain to most business owners, as it takes a lot of time and energy. We have a team of graphic designers who passionately make content for your business monthly with a campaign in mind. We implement your businesses brand identity, core beliefs, and values into your content to make it unique.

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Social Paid Advertising

Most social media management agencies have advertising management be a completely separate fee. We like to include this option into our package. This includes tasks like A/B testing and copywriting for the ad. This is an add on for any client interested in spending additional money on ads!

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Social Audits

Apart of our on-boarding process is to develop a list of competitors and see what they're doing. Depending on competitor success, we may reverse engineer their strategy and implement it into your strategy. Keeping up to date with competitors, and market trends are crucial to having an effective social media marketing strategy.

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Social Media Management

The three main platforms that we service are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Depending on if you are selling B2B or B2C depends on additional platforms you may need. For example, a great social media platform for B2B sales is LinkedIn.

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We can take your business reach from thousands to millions

With the right strategy, your business has potential to reach millions of new potential customers. Tired of getting no leads? Contact us and lets redefine your businesses digital marketing strategy with social media management!

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Step 1

Initial Meeting and Strategy Plan

Our initial meetings last between 30 minutes to 1 hour, where we learn about your business and then develop a social media plan that you approve.

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Step 2

Begin Content Creation and
Post Scheduling

We then work with our graphic design team, develop a month of content, and begin scheduling the posts. We also will do seasonal and holiday posts, with any promotional materials you request.

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Step 3

Measure Analytics, Scale, and Report

We report back our results monthly to key stakeholders and business executives, and attempt to make changes to help continue the growth of your now robust organic social media following.

Our Process

Our bulletproof process to grow using Social Media Marketing

Using our three step social media marketing process will allow you to turn your platforms into a lead generating pipeline. This three step process has a proven track record to providing quality results. Get in touch with us today!

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